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Welcome to the place 

where its ok not to be ok,

where lonliness meets community,

and where real life meets real faith.


Celebrating 1 year at the Intersection Sunday!


Small Group Ministry

Love your Roku device or Netflix Account?

Hard to find time to join a small group?

Wish you had something faith based for your kids to watch?

Then you definitely need to see what's next at St. Luke!

Find out what's coming next!

Outreach Ministries

It's not just about "Love" in a theoretical way...Here at St. Luke we believe Love works itself out in real, tangible ways.  It's about God's love flowing through us as we all, God included, make disciples for the transformation of the world.

We're currently in the business of feeding ministries, prison ministries, clothing ministries, and anything else God leads us into. 

Got an idea?  Call us and let's change the world together!

Worship Opportunities

Regular Worship Opportunities:

Who:  (your name here)

What:  Worship - Loving God with Loving People

When:  The Intersection, Sunday's at 9am or Traditional Worship at 11am

Where:  Our Sanctuary

Why:  Come and See (see John 1:39)

How:  However you are comfortable...